Meet Kanika: Our First Design Collaborator

Meet Kanika: Our First Design Collaborator

We collaborated with Kanika as she embodies the Klas squared woman: thought leader, business woman, daughter and mother.

As women we are always balancing many responsibilities and feeling a sense of calm and reassurance can go a long way. That’s why we designed this piece with onyx: a stone known to create a better flow of positive energy leading you to feel vibrant and energetic, while removing negative perceptions so you can step into the woman you want to be. On the most demanding days, the warmth of the stone is a reminder that everything will be okay.

Learn more about Kanika and her fashion inspiration.

Klas squared: Describe your journey from journalist to entrepreneur.

KanikaThroughout my career in media, the common denominator has been storytelling. I was born in Bombay, India and my parents and I immigrated to America when I was two. Growing up, watching the news was a family ritual. I was most inspired by the women of colour I saw on television - Oprah, Connie Chung, and Lisa Ling to name a few. They made me believe I could do it too.

I went on to work as a television anchor and executive producer for CNN in India (yes, life took me back to where it all started!) where I covered the gamut of events from the 26/11 terror attacks to Slumdog Millionaire at the Oscars, and I got a chance to interview global icons including Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, and Lilly Singh. 

After a few years, I moved back stateside and upon receiving a rare opportunity to work as the Editor-in-Chief for an online fashion retail company, I jumped at the chance to tell stories in a whole new way - for a digital platform. That led me to launch my digital marketing firm, Kronologie Agency, which specializes in branding and web design. Putting my production and technical skills to use, I work with brands to build their online footprint by conveying their narrative in a unique and compelling way, through powerful marketing copy, videos, dynamic design, and community building.

KS: Describe the creation of your podcast and what it is about.

K: After getting married and having my three kids (including twins) within a year and a half, I was thrown into the deep end of motherhood. It was sink or swim my way to the surface. As a journalist, I’m hardwired to ask tough questions, so I found myself seeking answers about life as a parent from my pediatrician to the friendly Amazon customer service rep over the phone. I knew others were in the same boat. 

With no time to read mountains of self-help books, I was yearning for tools to simplify daily life, as well as an outlet to feel part of a conversation and community. Just like that...my podcast, That’s Total Mom Sense was born!

Parenting is tough -- especially during a pandemic. Whether we're Googling for answers at 3am, joining Facebook groups, or are sharing homeschooling tips with friends on WhatsApp, we must realize there’s no substitute for our superpower of intuition - "mom sense” and “dad sense.”

On my show, I interview industry thought leaders, bestselling authors, and trailblazing entrepreneurs to share their “sense” experiences and dig deep on topics like what to expect when you’re done expecting, teaching children to meditate, rekindling your marriage, and dividing up the workload at home.

Guests include Bobbi Brown, Mallika Chopra, Rebecca Minkoff, and more.

We admire these public figures for their career success, but I think it’s important to shine a light on how they are the CEOs of their household and learn more about how they’re raising their children, the values they hope to instil them, and the legacy they will pass on.

KS: How do you find balance in your life?

K: My husband and I are a great team. Though we don’t agree on everything all the time, we are aligned on our family values and how we strive to raise our kids to be kind, good-hearted citizens of the world. 

I feel a work-life balance is a misnomer because it can never be 50/50. Instead, I do believe in creating a harmony where you can decide what your non-negotiables are. When it comes to my work, I am strict about time management as I schedule my weekly podcast recordings, ongoing sponsorships, and speaking engagements. I am fortunate to have a talented team of professionals who help me manage my brand, production, public relations, and social media. 

To me, my family is most important and I make time to be present with my kids after school. We have what we call “Magical Mama” time when I spend 1:1 time with each child and I teach them interesting concepts like telling time or phonics and we do fun things like color, play with legos, or give each other back rubs. I think it’s crucial to develop a bond with each child because they are inherently different and want to feel safe, understood, and loved in their own way.

KS: How do you incorporate fashion into your day to day life?

K:  My fashion choices have evolved, and my closet reflects that. One thing that holds true is that I am a minimalist to the core and feel one can have few things that have value rather than accumulate more than necessary. 

When it comes to jewelry, I prefer pieces that are feminine, delicate, and versatile. As a busy working mom, I tend to reach for jewelry I can pair with comfy joggers when I’m outside playing with my kids that can also look stunning when I’m out for a date night or dinner with friends.

KS: What have you enjoyed about collaborating with Klas squared?

K: It has been a dream collaborating with Klas squared on the Onyx necklace. Kirsten and Lori remind me of the bond I share with my daughter Suhana and prove how that relationship runs deep and is as pure as can be. Lori is effortlessly stylish and creative; Kirsten is modern and enterprising. 

The necklace is a perfect representation of my signature style, which is simple yet sophisticated. Like the women in my family who hail from India, I love yellow gold and how rich and timeless it is. The onyx stone creates a flow of energy leaving you feeling positive and vibrant, and its black colour absorbs heat providing a comforting warmth to your chest. The charms add a fun-loving, playful element, which is why my daughter loves to wear it too. I hope you all love this piece as much as we did bringing it to life!

You can shop the Kanika x Klas squared necklace now!

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  • The Kanika x Klas squared necklace is all the more beautiful with Kanika’s inspiring family-entrepreneur story behind it!


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