How To Feel Prepared As The World Re-Opens

How To Feel Prepared As The World Re-Opens

The summer always brings promises of sunshine, space, and socializing. Needless to say, this year is a little different as the world continues to open as restrictions are lifted, and we’re all adjusting to a new way of interacting in-real-life again.

But do you have cold feet about how to return to the world? Us too. 

It took months for us to settle into a life of isolation and social distancing, it’s no wonder returning to being face-to-face is leaving some feeling unsure and uncomfortable. 

Communicate boundaries: Check in with your values and priorities before you make plans with others. Be clear in communicating your expectations and setting boundaries when it comes to when, where, and who you spend time with. 

Cut the COVID talk: Instead of discussing all things vaccines, masks, and missing out, share what you’re excited about, your plans for the summer, or the new hobby you’ve recently taken up. 

Ask questions: Don’t forget to be curious while practicing deep listening. Many of us are looking to share our stories and it’s important we give space for others to be heard. 

Show up as yourself: Embrace the ritual of getting dressed again and expressing yourself through your personal style. Add the final touch with the jewelry piece that shows your mood, your personality, and makes you feel ready to take on the world.

Smile: It’s simple, easy, and free.
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