How To Wear Mixed Metals And Get More Out Of Your Jewelry Box

How To Wear Mixed Metals And Get More Out Of Your Jewelry Box

How To Wear Mixed Metals And Get More Out Of Your Jewelry Box 

We’ve learned from our customers that at the end of the day, no matter the metal, the right piece of jewelry makes anyone feel like a champion. As we welcome the 2020 Olympic Games, we are celebrating with our mixed metal designs. At Klas squared, we equally appreciate gold, silver and bronze regardless of their status on the podium, but we like them even better when they are together! 

While our designs were founded around the wonderful world of silver, we started to incorporate 14kt gold filled to help you incorporate more pieces of your jewelry box into your look. Some of our favourites include the Orbit Earrings, Revolution Hoops, and the Galaxy Bracelet

This season, we decided to take it one step further and introduce rose gold into the mix with our Celestial Collection. Swarovski rose gold pearls play the “kissing cousin” to gold and silver creating the perfect blend of warm and cool tones. The best part about metals is they act as a neutral in your wardrobe, so even when you mix them together, they can be styled with anything in your closet!

Not sure where to start when mixing metals? Here are a few tips to help you create your winning look this season: 

  • Throw away the old cliche that you can only wear one metal at a time. 
  • If you’re introducing a new metal to the mix, start by making small additions in the new colour to bring new life to your jewelry box.
  • Wear at least one piece that includes multi-metals. 
  • Mix intentionally in one area such as your bracelet stack. 
  • Keep it simple: mix similar styles and similar textures together. For example keep fine with fine, shiny with shiny, matte with with matte. This will help the look to stay polished.
  • Experiment with colour and metals: try incorporating silver, gold, or rose gold into your outfit too. 

If you want to have the mixing done for you, browse our mixed metal designs that are ready for you to add to your jewelry collection.

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