Our Designer’s top 5 Inspirations

Our Designer’s top 5 Inspirations

As a creative person, I see everything around me in an altered state - a form of art, jewelry or clothing. I find inspiration everywhere but there are some special muses I thought I would share. 

#1 Natural sunlight

I find sunlight has the power to make things happen. I love not only the bursts of colour it gives us in sunrises and sunsets, but the subtle way it reflects on some surfaces and is absorbed by others creating various shades of colour. Have you ever looked at the sun shining through raindrops on a red pine needle? Magic. In my designs you can see light’s presence with the use of high shine, matte, and iridescent surfaces, as well as the refraction of light in our use of crystals.

Inspired design: Crystal Cirque Pendant & Pearl Necklace - Cream Pearl

#2 Earth’s elements

In other words: Mother Nature’s gift. Natural stones get me excited: their shapes, colours and textures are so unique and the possibilities are endless! Inclusions of mini lines and patterns enclosed in stones can look like micro works of art. Their beauty is not their only gift, the power of their meaning also fuels my design process. Who doesn’t want to feel the calming, and energy focused effect of natural stone.

Inspired Design: : Earth Elements Necklace


#3 Architecture

A few years ago we travelled to Berlin and I fell in love with the city and their modern architecture. The clean lines, amazing use of light and geometric shapes, make simplicity look extraordinary. The use of asymmetrical details and metallic finishes can now often be found in my necklace designs as I love things that are a little off center. 

Inspired Design: Shine Pearl Necklace - Copper & Silver


#4 Fashion

As a lover of fashion and its history, I look back as well as forward at styles and influences of everything fashion related. I get ideas from silhouettes, shapes, trends, textures and finishes. When we designed our Power of Two collection with a square in a square, it was a reflection of our Klas squared name and logo. We were influenced by the insignia of brands like Gucci and Chanel to share an image that represented us as a business. 

Inspired Design: Power of Two Pendant Necklace


#5 Art

Through the artist’s eye, I study their perception of colour and shapes and space, giving me another way of looking at reality. Colour combinations, proportions of mixing light and dark shades help to inspire visually pleasing results. This season I was inspired by the shades of colour used by one artist and the soft edged shapes used by another!

Inspired Design: Tourmaline Pebble Necklace 


What inspires you to be creative?

Please leave in the comments.

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  • Love this! What inspires me to be creative? (my version since I’m not overly talented lol)…. sun, rain, water, movement, my morning java (yup!), music…….

  • Love this! What inspires me to be creative (well… “my version” of creative; not overly talented lol): sun, rain, movement, my morning java (literally), music……. just a few things :)


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