Styling Event Recap

Styling Event Recap

Klas squared partnered with Stephanie Dervishi on May 12th to bring you a one-of-a-kind styling event via Zoom. The topic: Step Into Spring In Style. 

We understand that it’s hard to get up and get dressed these days, but there is still power in the way you dress. 

Today, we are recapping the event for those of you who missed the live AND announcing our next event date!

What is personal style? 

Personal style is how you express yourself to the world through your clothing and accessories. To find your personal style, listen to how you feel and let your mood guide your daily ritual of getting dressed and transform your energy. 

For co-owner Kirsten Schmidtke, having creativity and self expression within her wardrobe allows her to have a boost of confidence and the freedom to be herself.

An important aspect of style is accessories. 

Accessorizing allows you to add a final touch to elevate a look and showcase your personality. 

What you wear should make you feel good about yourself.

A loyal customer of Klas squared, Colleen, shares, “Some pieces I put on make me feel classy and elegant which I love! From unique, funky, young and bold, Klas squared has it all covered. Whatever my mood, whatever I’m wearing it’s always better with Klas squared.”

Accessories also allow you to add a pop-of-colour which brings us to our next very important aspect of personal style.

Colour Therapy

We understand that some of you might be a bit afraid of colour. Your closet may consist of whites, blacks, grays and neutral hues. But one of the best ways to revamp your wardrobe is to add a bit of colour into the mix.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Start with adding colour by having a bright handbag or a multi-coloured necklace. Use go-to accessory basics to bring in that colour.

Next, we recommend working back from black. Think about what colours bring you joy when you see them and introduce them into your wardrobe.

Lori Schmidtke, designer and co-owner of Klas squared, has a particular sweater that she just loves. But it’s not really the sweater she loves, it’s the yellow colour of the sweater. When she wears it, she is instantly happier and she smiles making others smile back at her! Yellow is a happy colour that radiates it’s good vibes to others. 

When it comes to colour, we aren’t telling you that you have to dive right into all the patterns of colour such as stripes and polka dots (unless you want to do so!). You can just start small with solids.

Once you become comfortable, start mixing in textures - smooth, polished, matte etc. And, if you really want to go bold and out of your comfort zone try monochrome - colour from head to toe!

Lori and Kirsten truly believe in colour therapy which was obvious in their new product launched at the event.  Check out the new arrivals here and the personal favourite and best seller, Eye Spy Confetti.

The second half of the Styling Event, Stephanie Devershi shared her three tips on how to be inspired by your wardrobe again.

Stephanie is the owner of 7 Days of Style and she prides herself in making women feel beautiful and powerful with the clothes they wear.

Tip One: Get Up and Get Dressed

It can be difficult to find inspiration in your closet amidst a pandemic when you don’t have anywhere to go. 

We are conditioned to get dressed when we are going out. However, right now, there is almost no reason to care about how we dress.

However, Stephanie shares that you shouldn’t stop getting dressed up because you have nowhere special to go.  No! You should get dressed because what you’re wearing makes you feel good.

We have to find our events right now. So if going to the grocery store is the only time you’ll be getting out of your house, make going to the grocery store an event!

Treat everything as an event.

Get dressed in outfits that make you look and feel your very best. Put on a necklace. Put on your favorite lipstick

Because here’s the thing… when you look good, you feel great. When you feel great, you’re unstoppable. 

Tip Two: Wear Pieces Beyond the Obvious Way of Wearing Them

You get bored when you wear something the same way every time. Look in your closet and ask what’s another way that I can wear this?

Stephanie mentions, “If the items in your closet have limited ways to wear them, then you’re buying the wrong pieces. Each piece should have at least three ways you can wear it.”

For example, Stephanie owns a pleated blazer that she used to wear with only a turtleneck, a skinny jean and pair of boots. Going into spring, she’s mixing it up by wearing a skinny jean with a white sneaker and a camisole underneath the blazer while adding a colourful necklace to give it a more casual look.

Blouses are often the piece in the closets of her clients that they feel they can only wear one way. However, you can actually wear a blouse with a trouser pant or jeans. And, if the blouse was a button-up, you could wear it open over a dress or with a fitted t-shirt underneath.

Tip Three: Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Just as we mentioned with colour, Stephanie shares that you must not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to wearing your wardrobe differently. 

We are creatures of habit. We must challenge ourselves to look at the pieces in our closets and see them in a different light. 

It is so easy to wear the same thing over and over again. However, you don’t need a lot to create endless outfit options. 

What you need are the right essentials in the right colour scheme that reflect you.

With these tips, you’ll be creating a wardrobe you can depend on and experiment with. 

You should be able to wear your clothing from fall until spring.

Stephanie shared that your wardrobe should be able to transition you from September through June. July and August are too hot and need their own pieces.

Ask yourself will I wear this? 

How many of us keep items in our closet that we know we will never ever wear? 

Stephanie shares that leaving items in our closet that we don’t like will just dampen the overall feel of our wardrobe which reflects on how we feel about getting dressed.

Ask yourself will I wear this?  Do I like this? Does it reflect me? Should I wear this? 

Don’t keep anything in your closet that you just don’t like.

Get dressed, wear your clothing, wear your jewelry - there are no expectations - there are no standards - do it for yourself - when you feel good, you go about your day differently!

Must-Haves in Your Closet

Stephanie suggests some key pieces that you need in your closet. She believes that every woman needs a blazer (doesn’t have to be black!), a great pair of jeans, a button down blouse, and a fitted t-shirt. 

She states to not box your style in and don’t feel you have to wear certain clothing. Mix it up and do, you. There are no expectations and no standards that have to be met.

Get the Colours Right

Still on the fence about adding colour to your wardrobe? Could it be because you’re afraid of adding the wrong colour?Here are some tips to finding the right colours for your skin complexion: 

Put the Colour Right Up to Your Face

The right colour will brighten your eyes, make your teeth appear whiter and can actually make the bags under your eyes fade away! 

The Reapplying Makeup Test

If you’re wearing a specific colour and you find yourself reapplying blush, lipstick or mascara throughout the day, you’re most likely not wearing the right colour for your skintone. 

Not wearing the right colour can truly drain your complexion and your overall attitude.

Don’t Worry About the Bottom

When it comes to adding colour to your closet, don’t worry so much as to the colour of your pants, skirt or other bottom. The colours that you need to focus on most are those that are closests to your face.

That’s a Wrap

For those of you who joined us live, we hope you enjoyed the styling event as much as we enjoyed hosting it. 

Mark your calendars for our next event and product launch, June 23rd. More details coming soon.

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