The Importance of Trends are Changing - A Fashion Jewelry Perspective

The Importance of Trends are Changing - A Fashion Jewelry Perspective

By Aliyana, Intern for Klas squared

Every year the fashion and jewelry industry produces hundreds of thousands of items that are discarded and replaced with new seasons and trends.

This coming and going of trends will continue, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fashion industry and its consumers’ values are changing. The pandemic increased awareness of unsustainability in the fashion and accessories industry. It is influencing consumer shopping trends, changing how many of them think when buying a piece of jewelry.

The pandemic has allowed the masses to be educated about the unsustainability in the multibillion-dollar industry.

Customers are no longer concerned about keeping up with every latest trend (however, still maintaining some relevance in their jewelry and clothing choices) but see increasing importance in purchasing higher quality products, rather than fast fashion jewelry which may last them less than a fortnight. There is a growing need to buy long-lasting, timeless and sustainable pieces. Instead of purchasing from large conglomerates, people want to purchase from smaller jewelry companies with a large inventory surplus, cheap labour costs, and a process that damages the environment through mass manufacturing. While trends are still an important part of the fashion industry, the buyer is more aware of the products they consume and who they are affecting. 

One of the recent trends we have seen in the jewelry industry is pearls, whether they be round or misshapen.

The use of pearls returns to timeless elegance. However, updated with modern metals, design details and colours, the Klas squared Eye Spy Bubble Pearls - Cream Pearl chain, for example. Why, you may ask? With so many working over zoom calls and google meet, people want to remain classy and often dress up their upper bodies. This is where pearls come in, a classic sign of grace and wisdom from the Coco Chanel era. They can easily be dressed up or down and combined with other pieces to polish off a look.

Another trend we have been seeing is the use of bolder and larger jewelry using chain links.

A great example of this is the Klas squared Infinity Necklace. This style is even trickling down into the younger generation of Gen Z Tok Tokkers. These chains are versatile and sophisticated yet make a bold and daring statement. The perfect addition to a jewelry collection in these times of coordinating sweatsuits and chic blouses, paired with pyjama bottoms. The third trend we have noticed is the use of colour! Throughout the pandemic, a resurgence of colour has been added into our lives in jewelry trends reminiscent of the 80s. These Eye Spy Petite Pearls - Confetti are perfect for channelling your inner 80s and adding a bright pop of colour to your wardrobe.

The fashion and jewelry industries are ever-changing and growing.

The Covid-19 pandemic, however, has been a huge source of change for the industry. This has allowed the world to see some of the significant flaws within their unsustainable practices, giving consumers the chance to reevaluate their priorities when purchasing jewelry or clothing.

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