Klas squared designs have been sprinkled with the shine and sparkle of Swarovski elements since our inception. The variety of shape, style, and texture of Swarovski crystals have lended inspiration and dimension to our pieces over the last fifteen years. This also allowed us to incorporate pearls into our designs (did you know that there is a Swarovski crystal at the centre of every Swarovski pearl?)  We thought it would be fun to share more details about the world’s largest crystal manufacturer:


The 124 year old crystal manufacturing giant is still family owned and located in its original location of Wattens, Austria in the heart of the Alps. (We have actually been there and had the priveledge of a private tour of their archives!)

Swarovski not only designs and manufactures an enormous number of fashion related products, they are the market leader in precision optical instruments like binoculars, rifle scopes and telescopes in their Swarovski Optik division.

The brilliant sparkle and shine of Swarovski crystals has been used for decades in costuming on set and on stage to represent precious jewels and diamonds. From Marilyn Monroe’s sparkling diamond earrings in Some Like it Hot to Sarah Jessica Parker’s bejewelled dress in Sex in the City, you’ll find Swarovski crystals have adorned just about everyone who’s anyone in Hollywood. They’ve also become popular design elements in the spectacular costumes and wings created for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The technology and precision of Swarovski made it a natural fit for lighting fixtures and led to the creation of the Strass label which can be seen in the chandeliers at Palace of Versailles and the prestigious light fittings at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

When the short hairstyles of the 20’s could not accommodate decorative combs, Swarovski developed the first crystal embellished band of material called the “patent band” (as it was a registered patent) which became a popular addition to the flapper ensemble. This was the first in a long line of fashion trend-driven products that continues to evolve today.

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