Lori Schmidtke is the founder and lead designer of Klas squared. With a career in fashion design spanning over three decades, Lori’s creative brilliance is the passion behind the brand’s designs and aesthetic. Her artistic vision combined with a focus on quality is evident in the modern minimalism and clean composition of each piece. Lori designs and handcrafts Klas squared jewelry in her home studio in London, Canada.

Designing for Klas squared is all consuming for the designer. Lori thrives on the process of sourcing materials based on colour, shape and texture and finding new and modern ways to create jewelry for the everyday, powerful woman:

“I see everything through a lens: colour, shape, and composition. Whether it’s admiring nature, fashion, contemporary art or travel, I’m always envisioning it as a piece of jewelry”.

What our customers want to know

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How would you describe your style?

Clean, modern, and minimal. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that I’m greatly influenced by Scandanavian aesthetic. I take pride in doing things differently and always gravitate towards styles that are unique.

What makes you feel your most powerful?

Designing jewelry feeds my soul; it is empowering to create something that makes other people feel good. I feel my most powerful when someone is as excited about my designs as I am. When a customer shares how they feel wearing Klas squared jewelry, it has the power to inspire me to believe I can do anything.

What is your favourite Klas squared piece?

It is hard to choose just one! I have designed several hundred over the years (and now wishing I’d kept better record of all of them!). My favourite pieces right now are the Revolution Earrings (love the mixed metal concept) and the Shine Ball & Chain for its versatility. And I can’t go anywhere without our new ring – a first in Klas squared history!

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