Our Story

Mother-daughter duo Lori Schmidtke and Kirsten Schmidtke are the beauty and brains behind fashion accessories brand Klas squared. Born from a need to be creative, to leave an impact, and to build something to call their own, the pair teamed up to develop designs that make women feel joyful, feminine, and powerful. Together, these two women have learned that the potential of working together far exceeds what they could achieve individually. By acknowledging one’s weaknesses were the other’s strengths, they soon realized the impact of working together ultimately discovering the Power of Two. 

The Power of Two has exponential potential: once you stand beside and in support of another woman you are amplifying her voice, her cause, her power. At Klas squared, we feel this connection to women not only in designing jewelry, but how our jewelry can transcend connection and confidence among women.

We all strive to be more, to have influence, to leave a mark. We value our responsibilities as caregivers, co-workers, and creatives, but our personal identity is the sum of so much more. Klas squared has evolved to become part of that identity, supporting our customers to feel powerful in wearing our jewelry in work, day, and play.
Our name is rooted in our brand’s aesthetic of classic and modern design. Klas squared wearers want to exude class and by using a play on language and math, Klas to the power of two or in other words, Klas squared, was inspired. This concept of exponentialklasled to the Power of Two and the force which drives us to continue to build our brand and inspire our customer’s style. Your personal style is a sneak peek into your soul; a sacred place that leads you to self expression, self awareness, and self confidence. We believe that accessories have the power to make that personal connection while elevating your look from ordinary to extraordinary. 

At Klas squared, we ensure our designs are functional and fashionable without compromising quality. It is important that our pieces are not only timeless in aesthetic, but can stand the test of time due to the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Our jewelry is designed from a palette of sterling silver, 18k gold filled, Swarovski crystals and pearls, and semi-precious stones, all hand crafted by our Lead Designer, Lori. Klas squared continues to use sustainable processes, practices, and materials in designing each collection to ensure we are making the world a better place for the women who lead us today and will lead us tomorrow.

Lori Schmidtke

Founder, Lead Designer

Kirsten Schmidtke

Head of Business, Branding & Content Strategy

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